In a superb location, within walking distance from the beach underneath the Sanctuary of Tindari with wonderful views of theAeolian Islands, rises a tourist village – residence “La Tonnara”. The structure was derived from a wise and accurate restoration of an ancient Tonnara (trap made of net to fish tuna), preserving some characteristics that make it look extremely original and “typical”. The village is surrounded by a lush garden full of plants, flowers, palms and tall trees that guarantee a…




The Swimming pool


In the Village you will find a large swimming pool and a children’s pool where you can spend magical moments, enjoying an aperitif before dinner. You can not resist the clear waters of blue, and between one dive and the other one you can enjoy the fresh smell of the flowers that surround the structure

The Beach


La spiaggia è un magico incontro tra mare e natura, azzurro e verde, acqua e terra. E’ una spiaggia di sabbia, con un mare pulito e trasparente. Grazie alla sua limpidezza  non è affatto difficile avvistare numerosi pesci. Attrezzata ma con ampi spazi liberi garantisce ai suoi ospiti un relax indimenticabile.



Oliveri is not only famous for its clear waters and as a vacation spot: soils places are also synonymous with culture and history. Famous is the Castle. It ‘s the center around which so then went to form the village, inhabited almost entirely dapescatori specialized nellacattura tuna. He was with the Aragonese castle Ferrano de Abbellis from which in 1360, for grants of kings came to Frederick III of Aragon Vinciguerra cousin Frederick himself. Enclosed by a large wooded park,…



The nature reserve Marinello is located at the foot of the promontory of Tindari. Characterized by a natural environment of lagoons, which were formed by the sea, mainly due to human works. This did not prevent, however, that the bizarre shape of the beaches did rise on this place a charming legend. Throughout the protected area there is a large wealth of flora and fauna. Processing agricultural and logging works (at the time of “land reform”) in the area of…



The city was founded by Dionysius of Syracuse in 396 BC as a colony of Syracuse mercenaries who had participated in the war against Carthage, in the territory of the Sicilian city of Abacaenum (Tripi), and took the name of Tyndaris, in honor of Tyndareus, king of Sparta and husband of Leda, foster father of Elena and Castor and Pollux. During the First Punic War, under the control of Hiero II of Syracuse, was Carthaginian naval base, and its waters…

The Eolie


Proclaimed in 2000 by the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Eolie archipelago consists of seven islands: Alicudi, Filicudi, Lipari, Panarea,Salina,Stromboliand Vulcano. All seven are volcanic islands, but only the volcanoes ofStromboliand Vulcano are still active. On the other islands, however, still occur volcanic features such as fumaroles. The largest town in the archipelago is Lipari, which is 24 miles from the Sicilian coast: it is both the size of the territory and number of inhabitants (around 9000). The island, whose…

Montalbano Elicona


The name Montalbano according to some scholars is derived from the Latin mons albus, with reference to the whitewashed mountains of snow, according to others from the Arabic al-Bana, with the meaning of “excellent place”. More recent studies make it derives its name from Sesto Nonius Albano, landowning Roman citizens of nearby Tindari, which would be the eponymous hero of the city. The river’s name Elicona is clear etymology greek (Elikon = winding) and appears likely in the fourth century….

Terme Vigliatore


Terme Vigliatore shows the image of a place that, due to its special geographical location, fertility of its lands, the presence of ancient Roman ruins and hot springs as well as buildings of great historical and architectural artistic and ethno- anthropology, the beauty of the seascape and hills, can be considered the holder of a historical – cultural, landscape and environmental and prestigious value: heritage that should be preserved and protected, promoted and advertised. Among the reasons for calling Terme…